The Baby Play Place Preschool utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Family Childcare. Additionally, we incorporate themes and study units that help children make connections across all developmental domains, learn new concepts, and vocabulary, and practice other early learning skills. Family engagement is an important part of our program. Each month you will be provided with a schedule of our monthly themes and activities as well as a summary of our current study unit. You will be able to view pictures of your child participating in daily activities throughout the day. We post pictures and videos to our Procare app throughout the day. You will also
receive an email at the end of the day. All children are assessed according to their age level throughout the year. We use the Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment tool and ASQ-3 Developmental Screening Tool. Quarterly parent conferences will be held so you are aware of your child’s development. 

We are a Eco-Friendly Certified Program

All knives, sharp utensils, tools, medicines and cleaning products are out of the reach of young children. All accessible outlets not in use are covered. We practice fire and disaster drills. We have a written plan for fire escape, and shelter in place drills are practiced monthly. All children also know where to go in case of an emergency. We have a complete first aid kit, first aid and CPR training, and a fire extinguisher on hand. Our On-site Provider is a Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor. We have done all we can to provide a safe environment for children.


Our childcare fees are very competitive and we have excellent references available. At The Baby Play Place Childcare you are paying for a specific spot, NOT per hour or per day, so no discounts are given if your child does not come to care. Weekly hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. The Baby Play Places Monthly childcare tuition is:

Fee Schedule (Part-Time currently unavailable)


Toddler-Preschool (18 months to 5 years)


3-K DOE (Part Day 8:20am-2:30pm)


3-K After School (2:30-5:00pm


Summer Camp/School Out Camp(6-12 yrs)

$300/Week (Pre-registration required)

Registration Fee due at time of enrollment

$150 (one time non-refundable)

One free enrollment Kit included.

Healthy Meals and Snacks!

Free Diapers and Baby Wipes (Under 24 months)

Winter- due December 1st.


Enrichment Programs, Special Activities, and Field Trips included in Tuition!

The Baby Play Place S.C.O.R.E Service Standards


All decisions are made with the safety of the children in our care in mind.


I will be consistent in my attendance, teaching, and behavior.

Open Mind

Open to new ideas, and knowledge in our ever changing field.


I will respond to the needs of my customers and the children in a timely manner so situations do not escalate and breed negativity.


I will seek opportunities for positive and informative engagement with parents and children.



If you are a receiving a childcare voucher, and your child does not attend, the program may claim up to 80 days of childcare absences. Please note that if your child is absent for more than two weeks consecutively, your spot in the program will be terminated. We have a long waitlist and any child not in attendance must not need care and therefore the spot will be given to someone who does.


Daycare Closings

Occasionally the program must be
closed due to an on-site emergency. We apologize for any inconveniences this my cause. We strive to provide the best service possible and appreciate your understanding as we keep the program safe and healthy for your children.


Child Vacations

Vacations are so fun! We love and understand when families need time to spend together. However, tuition fees are still due whether your child is in care or not. Please give at least one month notice of any vacations that your child will be taking, so we may notify the Team and the Department of Health in case of an emergency.


Childcare Vacations

Our childcare will schedule up to two weeks of vacation per year during which time the program may be closed. At least four weeks notice will be given to parents. During daycare closings for vacations tuition is still due. Additionally the program may close for up to five days for Professional Development Training. All families will be notified in advance of any program closures.

"Learning centers"

Block Center

Manipulative Center

Science & Sensory Area

Library Area

Arts & Crafts Center

Dramatic Play Area

Meals and Snacks

Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks are served daily. All children may participate in the food program. However, if you would like your child to eat breakfast, they must arrive no later than 9:00 am. It will be you the parent’s responsibility to feed your child/children at home, if you cannot arrive on time. Lunch is served at 12:00 pm. If for any reason your child/children will be dropped off later during the day, it is your responsibility to feed them. We are enrolled in our states Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) so all of our meals and snacks meet USDA Standards.

Please inform us of any food allergies your child may have during the enrollment process.

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